About the Founder :

Growing up all over the world as the son of a United Nations diplomat, Jyoti (Joe) Mohan Narula always envisioned pioneering the expansion of the Indian Fashion Market. Graduating from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst with an MBA, he moved back to India. Whilst most thought that the dream to break through into the fashion industry had been shelved when Joe started working at Citibank in 1990, this was far from true. In 1992, he made the bold decision to leave the 9-5 corporate life behind him, to embrace the world of fashion.

In 1992, Joe, co-founded Genesis Colors Pvt. Ltd. as India’s first Corporate Design House. Genesis Colors started in one room with 2 employees and grew to be the name to be reckoned with in the fashion industry. Encompassing a wide range of fashion brands that covered various segments of the market from premium to the highest end international luxury brands.

As the Managing Director of Genesis Colors, Joe pioneered the launch of the SATYA PAUL womenswear business, which catered to over a hundred flagship as well as multi-brand stores in India as well as across the globe. He created and managed a state of the art digital design studio, company run factories and a vast distribution network. SATYA PAUL has since been India’s home grown iconic brand with a huge following and recall.

After spending his youth building up womenswear brands, he decided it was time for him to follow his own little guilty pleasure and turn it into the brand it is today. A Shoe-A-Holic himself, in 2016, Joe traveled across Europe in search of the ideal shoe collection for men. His travels and research provided him with the expertise in the world of men’s shoes. He founded JOE SHU as a result of the vision to provide the highest quality shoes at affordable rates in the Indian market, as well as to not have to go too far from home to build his own ever increasing collections of shoes.

About JOE SHU :

Joe traveled through Europe, looking for perfect shoes that would help complete his wardrobe with shoes that made him happy, shoes that felt ideal. He was tired of ‘making do’ with what was available, frustrated with the fact that nice shoes meant breaking the bank and done with dubious quality. While searching for dreamy kicks, Joe went through bustling cities and picturesque hamlets, he looked for them in small workshops and big factories, he went through Italy, Spain and Portugal, curating a truly exclusive collection. All his finds are available at JOE SHU. Joe went on this journey so you wouldn’t have to feel what he felt. He went so you could be ‘a step ahead!’

JOE SHU as a brand embodies footwear elegance, comfort and design with a touch of unique innovation for the discerning modern man. It provides options for all occasions, moods, and times of day. It has a passionate zeal to deliver a one stop shop for men looking for their dream shoes – be it moccasins, formal brogues, oxfords, derbies, monk straps, playful dual tones, loafers, sneakers, lace-ups, slips-ons and whatever else your mind would desire. When you walk into a JOE SHU store not only will you find your dream shoe but also belts to match it with, elegant yet innovative wallets, cuff links for those dress shirts that will speak a sublte truth about your style, neck –ties that will make you stand out in a crowd and pocket squares to dress up your jackets in your own inimitable way. At JOE SHU, we want to provide you with the highest quality shopping experience, at prices you can easily afford! Joe achieved his goals by following his passions, and breaking convention, it’s time you do the same. So what’s stopping you? Come get your JOE SHU, and get ready for your very own adventure!